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The Agrino restaurant is open throughout the day, starting with a breakfast buffet spread of healthy local delicacies which you can enjoy in the sunkissed courtayard pool area. Freshly made jams - fig, lemon, hawthorn - are all homemade by our local chefs, the fruit salad with pomegranite seeds, diced apple and juicy orange segments; the medallions of fresh halloumi, sliced tomato and flavoursome lountza atop fluffy, home-baked bread.
Candlelit dinners by the pool or by the fireplace with a sequence of mezes (mini-dishes) starting from the likes of garlic-beetroot dip and smoky pureed aubergine, crisp-fried anari cheese pastries followed by sweet lambs liver with caramelised onions and slow-cooked kleftiko lamb which falls apart in your fingers. To finish off some syrupy warm loukoumades (honey pastry puff balls) accompanied by mastic ice cream and a soothing shot of Apokryfo signature herbed zivania (local liquor).
This is just a taster as the menu at the restaurant changes every week offering you new culinary experiences!

for restaurant reservations please call +357 25 813712
Open Monday - Sunday
8am - 10pm
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